Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Zomato: A Case Study


  • Kiran Raj K M Research Scholar, College of Computer Science and Information Science, Srinivas University, India
  • Nandha Kumar K.G Associate Professor,College of Engineering and Technology, Srinivas University, India


Zomato, Food delivery, Dining out, Contactless dining, SWOT analysis


The advancement and use of smart-phones and internet resulted in improving online services.Zomato is a digital platform combining restaurants and an online food delivery systemlaunched in 2008. The implementation of Lockdown to slow down the spread of pandemicCOVID-19 resulted in badly affecting tourism, transport, economy, and hotel industry. Zomatofood delivery is recovering from the effect of COVID-19 at a rapid rate with ~80% recoveryin metro regions. The revenue in the fiscal year 2020 is increased by 105% and cost by 47%.The main objective of this paper is to understand online food delivery service by using a survey,how Zomato is operating in COVID-19, its effect on the culture of the hotel industry, theintroduction of contactless dinning and challenges. The evaluation of the company is doneusing the SWOT analysis.


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