Development of Fashionable Products through Online Retailing: A Case Study on Amazon and Flipkart

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Madhura K.


Purpose: The internet has concise the world bringing global community to very close. It helps to communicate information in a cheaper, quicker, and simpler form. At present era, the internet enables fashion businesses to reach out to each and every corner of the world without making significant investments. Fashion companies might have their own website to promote and sell their products or they can also exhibit their products on e-commerce and social networking platforms, drawing a larger number of buyers. Fashion houses can use online media to sell their items all over the world at a low cost. The main purpose of this study is to see the development of fashion products through online retailing. The author mainly considered Amazon and Flipkart for the study.

Methodology: This qualitative research is based on secondary data. Secondary data is gathered from the research papers published in reputable journals, newspapers, articles. Financial information was collected from the annual reports of Amazon and Flipkart and also census reports.

Findings: The major findings of the study are: Male customer expressed a greater desire to purchase fashionable products, there is a healthy competition between both Amazon and Flipkart, Celebrities are being used by Amazon and Flipkart to promote their fashionable products, Flipkart's Recommendation module and Amazon's Stylist assist users to discover more and more fashion and other products similar to the ones they've looked at. It has one of the greatest conversions and contributes significantly to the company's revenue and units.

Practical Implication: This study will be helpful to know the different fashionable products offering by the Amazon and Flipkart companies and marketing channels using by these two companies to market their fashion products.

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