Impact of COVID-19 on Redefining the Services of Educational Institutions using Ubiquitous Technology

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Madhushree L. M
Bhuvana R
Aithal P. S.


The COVID-19 affected each and every industry sector around the world. Most of the educational institutions of India as well as the world got affected very badly. It has forced worldwide lockdown and created an atrocious effect on student life. The COVID-19  affected all the sectors in (T) the whole world, especially the education system around the world. In India, approximately 32 crore students stopped going to schools and colleges, and other training activities did not happen properly due to COVID-19. The outbreak of COVID19 and associated impact on student movement has advised us that change is inevitable in the education system. It has given a challenge and an opportunity to all the educational institutions to find a solution by determining suitable platforms and techniques for effective implementation of quality educational services, which has not been used before. Accordingly, the education sector has been fighting to continue its existence with a different approach by digitizing the challenges to wash the threat of the sickness. This paper also highlights some measures taken by Govt. of India to provide unified education in the country. Both the positive and negative impacts of COVID-19 are discussed and some productive suggestions are specified to bring out the educational activities back to normal during this bad situation. In this situation, every institution has adopted an online education model using information communication and computation technology (ICCT) due to COVID-19. This analysis is about how these technologies can help institutions continue online education and to know the student’s capability to take-up online education. The major discussion is to know whether an institution can continue online education for students in future days or not


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Madhushree L. M, Bhuvana R, & Aithal P. S. (2020). Impact of COVID-19 on Redefining the Services of Educational Institutions using Ubiquitous Technology . International Journal of Management, Technology and Social Sciences (IJMTS), 5(2), 266–282.

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