Issues and Concerns of Transgenders – Ways Forward for living Gender of Choice

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Pradeep M. D.


Purpose: people are associated with specific gender based on their genitals. Transgenders feel a mismatch in their gender and associate to the traits of opposite gender gradually. There are broad spectrum of people who gradually identify themselves with gender different to which they are born. Traditionally transgenders are of divine creature but gradually they have been marginalized substantially. Their life is highly influenced through culture, tradition and practices. They are known as ‘third gender’ who are exposed to the evils of social stigma and discrimination. Due to lack of skills and social rejection this segment chooses prostitution or beggary as a means for their life. Substantial population of transgenders lives social exclusion and vulnerability to communicable diseases. In the modern society discrimination and violence based on race, gender, income, ethnicity, sexual identity has become a global concern seeking immediate action. In this direction this study gains momentum to find ways forward.

Design/Methodology/Approach: This scholarly manuscript is both descriptive and exploratory in nature. It aims to derive conclusions by using secondary data contributing to development of literature based on the futuristic needs.  

Findings/Result: It is found that transgender community is exposed to several problems, deteriorated life with social exclusion, social rejection, stigma, gender crisis, lack of social protection, etc.

Originality/Value: Paper deliberates on the contemporary issues of identity crisis, problems and legal regime as national and global concern for the transgenders. It propagates need for social, political, economic and cultural mainstreaming of the transgenders through social inclusion, freedom to opt gender of choice, integrated approach, inclusive growth, etc.  

Paper Type: Conceptual Research.


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Pradeep M. D. (2021). Issues and Concerns of Transgenders – Ways Forward for living Gender of Choice . International Journal of Management, Technology and Social Sciences (IJMTS), 6(2), 179–190.

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