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Submitting Article Process

Your paper should not have been previously published or be currently under consideration for publication in any place else. Submit your paper electronically through the IJHSP online system. All papers are subject to peer review. After your paper has been accepted, you must sign a copyright transfer agreement with IJHSP. Papers accepted for publication will be available free online.

The publishing Research articles are usually 5 to 20 pages long and the review process may take approximately 10-20 days. In special cases, shorter or longer articles may be accepted with appropriate reasoning. Authors are requested to follow IJHSP guidelines for preparing their manuscripts. An article sample template can be found here (MS Word).
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Authors are requested to strictly follow the submission guidelines: 

1. The manuscript must be written in English Language.

2. The file must be in Microsoft Word format with 1 line spacing in A4 size Page.

3. The font of the manuscript must be Times New Roman. The Font size for various sections of the manuscript is as follows

(i) Title of the Paper (Font size 18, Style- Bold,  Color of Font: Maroon Red )

(ii) ABSTRACT  (12, Bold, Style- Regular)

(iii)  Introduction to References Main Heading- Font size 12

(IV) Introduction to References Contents-Font Size 11

4. The first page must be a title page. List all the authors with their organizational affiliation, Orcid id, e-mail-id of the all authors. Also Mention the corresponding author contact number.

5. The submission must not be published elsewhere or submitted for publication.

6. Do not include authors name anywhere in the manuscript except first page.

7. All manuscript must include a maximum 250 words abstract with minimum 5 keywords, next to the title page. Add keywords one line below the abstract.

8. Figures must be in high resolution & clear with a descriptive heading.

9. There should be minimum 10 References in Scholarly paper with minimum 50% journal references. These references should be compulsorily cited in the body of the text of the paper in the format[1], [2] etc. If the manuscript is accepted for publication, authors should provide the publication right to the Journal.

10. All References of Conference and Journal Articles must be linked to Google Scholar Search Page and CrossRef DOI (if exists). In case of Website references, references should have active website URL link with accessed date. Book References also should have Website link or Google Scholar search page link.

11. To create a hyperlink in MS-Word, Select the text you want to hyperlink and then select the ‘Insert’ menu and then click the hyperlink. After selecting a hyperlink in the Address text box enter the URL or address of the hyperlink. Also, insert a special symbol . To insert this symbol go to the  ‘Insert’  menu and then click ‘symbol’ and then select more symbols.   In the ‘More symbols’ dialog box select font as ‘Wingdings’. 

12. The order of the content must be as per the following sequence;

  1. Title Page with Authors details
  2. Abstract & Keywords
  3. Introduction
  4. Methods
  5. Results
  6. Discussion
  7. References
  8. Appendices (if any)

All references should be written in APA style with Google Scholar or Crossref Hyperlink. (Re-check with google scholar cite details and journal paper). 

Journal Paper

Raj, K., & Aithal, P. S. (2018). Generating Wealth at the Base of the Pyramid–a Study Using ABCD Analysis Technique. International Journal of Computational Research and Development (IJCRD)3(1), 68-76.  

Book Reference

Rogers, E. M. (1995). Diffusion of Innovations: modifications of a model for telecommunications. In Die diffusion von innovationen in der telekommunikation (pp. 25-38). Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg. 

Ph.D. Thesis

Mathur, N. (2019). Consumer perception towards ethical issues in advertising with special reference to women. University of Rajasthan, India. pp 42-59. Retrieved from


Zeiger, H. (2021). Facebook’s...Er,  Meta’s  Instagram  Problem.  Retrieved from on 7/3/2022.

13. Journal paper references should be written as: Surname, Initial of name. (Year). Title of the paper. Journal Name, Volume number (Issue Number), Page Number. Journal name and volume number is written in Italics font. If the journal paper does not carry volume or issue number, by default it is considered as 1. Book references, mention the page referred. Weblinks write in APA form. Mention the title of the web page and year followed by link and date of retrieval as shown in Point no.12.

14. Papers must be submitted electronically through the registration process.

15. You are requested to fill NOC from Author(s) and submit along with your manuscript.

Processing Charges: There is no submission or processing or publication fee for the Authors (Free Publication) for the accepted papers of this journal and the entire cost of the publication is sponsored by Srinivas University and A. Shama Rao Foundation, Mangalore.

Process of Publication: 

a) After receiving Manuscript/ Paper, the author will get a confirmation email of receiving that paper with id.

b) Manuscript/ Paper will be checked through a plagiarism checker.

c) After that Manuscript/ Paper will be sent for double-blinded peer review.

d) Based on double-blinded peer review report, the editor will take a decision to accept or reject the paper or editor can take a decision of re-submission of Manuscript/ Paper after suggested changes.

e) After this step, if Manuscript/ Paper will be accepted then the author will receive an acceptance of paper within 5 to 7 days.