Perspectives, Challenges and Opportunities of E-Learning in Higher Education – A Brief Review

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R. Aswin Herbert Sathish
Nethravathi P. S.


Purpose: In this developed world education plays an important role at all stages of an individual. From last one decade the education has been grown and advanced in the form of E-learnings process. The advancement and usage of e-learnings is varied from developing to developed countries. Today in this internet generation, the individuals including teachers and students are connected with various e-learning modes via worldwide internet connection, which makes e-learning process necessary in the field of learning and education. E-learning provides the formal and informal learning atmosphere which encourages the students and learners with live interaction. The recent studies also shows that the e-learning improves the self-assessment, teaching performance and participation of the students. This paper provides the descriptive review of different-learning methodology used in various applications.

Methodology: This comprehensive literature analysis includes more than 50 high-quality review articles, research papers, and case studies on e-learning and online education systems. The study takes into account both the teacher's and students' perspectives on the use of e-learning techniques.

Findings/Result: The idea behind empirical methods in e-learning was to better comprehend the complicated approach that is employed when it comes to teaching methodology over the internet. Many ways have been created to make this process competent, including on-the-job learning, in-class assignments, and team-based learning.

Originality: The e-learning process is still a multi-dimensional and sophisticated technique in terms of study. Although technical advancements have seized this field, research and regular case studies are still in short supply. It is necessary to comprehend topics such as the infrastructure utilised to produce technology, pedagogy, admirative supports, and social usage in order to implement the e-learning process.

Paper Type: Literature Review.


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R. Aswin Herbert Sathish, & Nethravathi P. S. (2022). Perspectives, Challenges and Opportunities of E-Learning in Higher Education – A Brief Review. International Journal of Applied Engineering and Management Letters (IJAEML), 6(1), 231–242.

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