Capacity Building for Quality Enhancement in Higher Education

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Suresh Kumar P. M.


Higher education institutions strive to produce quality professionals, who would be intellectually robust, emotionally balanced, and economically productive, socially committed and spiritually satisfied so that they make meaning in their lives and contribute to the society. Teachers have abig role in maintaining this. Teacher quality influencescurriculum, provides leadership, andpromote student progression. Curriculum delivery and pedagogy should incorporate multitudeof learning experiences and innovative learning methodologies. So much so the faculty shouldbe exposed to advance knowledge and skill through a variety of ways which would be mutually complementary for both the teacher and the taught. Their capacities should be developed and all the more periodically recharged for sustained results. This paper discusses capacity building through establishing sustainable mechanisms to improve quality in teaching as reflected in thevalues and culture of the institution.


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Suresh Kumar P. M. (2017). Capacity Building for Quality Enhancement in Higher Education. International Journal of Management, Technology and Social Sciences (IJMTS), 2(2), 84–92.