Factors Influencing Buying Behaviour of Ayurvedic Products - A Review

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Suresh Ramana Mayya


Purpose: Ayurveda, a system of conventional medicine with roots in ancient wisdom, has grown in importance in modern society and today plays a significant role in every aspect of human existence. Ayurveda gained notoriety due to its purity, safety, naturalness, and lack of adverse effects. The main objective of this study is to identify the various factors that influence how consumers buy ayurvedic products, how these factors foster consumer trust, how consumer trust is transformed into purchase intention, and finally, how consumer purchase intention is transformed into final consumer behaviour.

Design/Methodology/Approach: Secondary sources are used to gather the information needed for the current investigation. This is based on an analysis of the literature that has already been published, including information from a variety of exploratory articles, papers, books, journals, and magazines. The information needed for the study was gathered via Google Scholars, Research Gate, and Science Direct.

Results/ Findings: Consumer purchasing behaviour is influenced by a variety of factors. Manufacturers of ayurvedic products must take into account the different aspects that affect consumers' decisions to buy herbal products. The corporations can alter the things they are producing based on the analysis of these elements, making it simpler for marketers to promote their goods.

Originality/Value: Through this review, the various factors influencing the buying habits of consumers who use ayurvedic products and other areas of the body of existing literature help manufacturers and marketers comprehend the influencing factors on the buying habits of customers of ayurvedic products so they can create their own marketing strategy to popularise the ayurvedic products, thereby increasing sales and profit.

Type of Paper: Review of Literature


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