In-store Customer Perception towards Furniture in a Multi-product outlet – A Synthesis of Literature Review and Research Agenda


  • Venkatesh S. Amin Research Scholar, Institute of Management & Commerce, Srinivas University, Mangalore- Pin code: 575001, India.
  • Anil Kumar Professor, Institute of Management & Commerce, Srinivas University, Mangalore, India.



Perception, Consumer in-store behaviour, Content observation and analysis, Literature review, Multi-store outlet, ABCD Framework analysis


Purpose: Consumers’ when getting into a store; behaviour is critical; to be observed-and to understand their perception of products that they are eager to buy. When customers look at products, in general, as they walk through the retail outlet, their perception gets influenced due to various factors like atmospherics and visual merchandising, sales executives, price display offers, and many more. This interesting; study leads us to understand what would work and what needs improvement. A customer would buy based on the influence that he is subjected- to through various mediums of impact created in an outlet like lights, music, air conditioning, product feel, and many more or through digital media. Hence this article synthesizes; many years of scholarly research on consumer perception published in a few of the leading journals in this field; globally.

Design/ Methodology/ Approach: Buying products from a store is a dynamic process involving individuals and families; therefore, the cornerstone of purchase is to buy the best value product at a cost that matches the value the product delivers. The base of creating a good customer relationship is on the present value and the future value and longevity of a product that customers utilize and enjoy. This literature synthesis is- undertaken; to uncover various aspects that pull a customer to a multi-product store via digital marketing applications or conventional marketing processes. Expectations created by the digital marketing team vs. reality in the store create better bondage with the store team therefore and the perception towards the store changes with time and the product satisfaction that he derives.

Findings/ Results: This literature synthesis establishes that the concept of customer perception is highly personalized as each one tends to perceive differently based on their age, gender, qualification, religious beliefs, cognitive as well as social and cultural background. Their perception of positive thoughts and negative feelings is, observed while handling products. The research gap and the identified agenda for further synthesis were distinct and assessed using the most valuable ABCD structures. Accordingly, the literature investigation findings are synthesized and analyzed by submitting recommendations for creating a wide-ranging research agenda about customer perception in the Indian Retail market.

Originality: This is to understand how individuals and families behave when they visit a store. An attempt by the author to further enhance these studies for a doctoral thesis presents an attempt to learn and explore what actions and behaviours lead to a purchase of a furniture product by a customer. If these; cues; could be found from a large segment of customers, then it would be easy to create an environment of conducive signs that lead to a close of a sale[s].

Paper Type: Literature Review


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Venkatesh S. Amin, & Anil Kumar. (2022). In-store Customer Perception towards Furniture in a Multi-product outlet – A Synthesis of Literature Review and Research Agenda. International Journal of Management, Technology and Social Sciences (IJMTS), 7(1), 279–305.