Comparison between Retrieval Time of Manual and Electronic Medical Records –A Case Study

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Vijaya Parameshwari
P. K. Suresh Kumar
Amitha P. Marla
Swati Rai


Purpose: A safe and effective healthcare service provides good quality medical records whether electronic or handwritten, which is essential for the continuity of patient care. In this context, a comparative study on the retrieval time of Manual and Electronic Medical Records is made to evaluate the advantages and limitations of both systems.

Methodology: The present study was conducted in two phases.  In the first phase, the retrieval time taken by the Manual medical record and in the second phase the retrieval time taken for electronic medical records was collected. The study site was one of the departments in a multispecialty hospital.  The study period was three months and a convenient sampling technique was used to collect the data.  The sample was collected during the peak hours of the day. Hence 75 medical records which were documented manually and collected in the first phase and after the introduction of electronic method of documenting medical records, another 75 electronic medical record were collected to find the retrieval time.

Finding/Result: The study result revealed that standard turnaround time (TAT) as per the policy of the hospital for the retrieval of paper records exceeds whereas in electronic medical records most of the files receives within standard time and Electronic Medical Records to be implemented in various outpatient departments in order to reduce patient waiting time for the medical records during the revisit.  These changes in the procedure will definitely improve the quality of healthcare and patient satisfaction.

Originality/value: The result of the study will help to know the retrieval time for manual and Electronic Medical Record, its advantages and disadvantages.

Study Type: Observational case study.


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Parameshwari, V. ., Suresh Kumar, P. K., P. Marla, A., & Rai, S. (2022). Comparison between Retrieval Time of Manual and Electronic Medical Records –A Case Study. International Journal of Case Studies in Business, IT and Education (IJCSBE), 6(2), 1–14.