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Transforming Institutions through Innovations in Teaching, Learning and Evaluation

About the Conference:

India has made enormous progress in attaining in high level of literacy, yet the quality of education still remains poor barring premier institutes and very few high profile institutions. One reason for this is the outdated curriculum, poor learning environment and lack of innovations in teaching, learning and evaluation. With this in view, this conference is organized to bring together academicians from various disciplines to discuss, deliberate, share and suggest improved ways of teaching , learning and assessment models so as to transform institutions into centers of excellence.

Call for Papers:

We invite you to participate in this seminar and contribute your original ideas in the form of research papers. The following are the some of the sub-themes.

1. Academic flexibility and student learning
2. Value addition and curriculum enrichment
3. Methodologies for student-centric learning
4. Innovative pedagogy and implications for learning
5. Innovations in student assessments
6. Emerging concepts in student evaluation
7. Online education and evaluation models
8. Competency based evaluation and implementation strategy


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